A DUNDONALD care worker has been handed a warning after posting social media videos which involved a resident with dementia.

A warning will stay on the registration of Ronnie Pask after they posted content on social media site TikTok while they were employed at Dundonald House Nursing Home.

It follows a hearing with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) - an industry watchdog who investigated the incidents.

The findings of the investigation date back to on, or around, December 15, 2021, when Pask was employed as a care assistant at the nursing home.

Here, it was found that they used their mobile phone while on shift to record a number of videos.

These included recordings of another colleague - referred to as BB - "B dancing with service user AA, who lives with vascular dementia".

Pask also recorded the same colleague "cartwheeling along the corridor" of Dundonald House, as well as a video of BB "spreading her hair over AA’s lap".

Further findings from the investigation state that Pask also recorded a video conversation and colleague BB laughing and joking about vaginal thrush in a room which could be clearly identified as Dundonald House.

A final finding then states that Pask uploaded the recorded footage to social media site TikTok - something they did without the knowledge or consent of their employer or AA’s family.

It is added that these findings showed that Pask's "fitness to practise was impaired because of your misconduct".

Further findings of the SSSC investigation go on to describe why this was the case.

They said: "Social service workers are trusted to care for the most vulnerable members of society and to treat them with dignity and respect.

"You used your mobile phone to record service user AA and uploaded this to a social media platform.

"There was no reason or justification for your actions and you did this without the knowledge or consent of your employer or AA’s guardian.

"Your actions display a careless disregard for the dignity and privacy of a service user in their care home and call into question your attitude and values as a person who works in the caring profession and whose job is to uphold proper standards of care and conduct."

The nine-month warning was then placed on Pask's registration, with additional conditions attached to this.

They must inform their employers of the warning, and within two months must show that they have completed learning with regards to their conduct.

Furthermore, they must provide a reflective account of events to the SSSC, which contain a number of points detailed in the investigation.

A final point adds the few factors which worked in Pask's favour - to avoid being removed from the register completely.

These state that this was the first incident highlighted to the SSSC, it was an isolated incident, and that there was no direct harm to the service user.

The warning on Pask's notice came into effect on November 11 of this year.

Dundonald House Nursing Home have been approached for comment.