IRVINE alt-rock band Culann are launching their new video this week - their seventh starring Ayrshire actor Rab Affleck.

The video for Saint Andrew, from the band's latest EP, was shot in in Ayrshire and locations across Scotland.

Former heavyweight boxer and actor Rab, who also hails from Irvine, has starred in such films as The Big Man - where he was hired to teach Liam Neeson bare-knuckle boxing, and ended up playing one of the actor's on-screen opponents.

He has also appeared in Gangs of New York, Layer Cake and Outlaw King, amongst many other films.

Culann's guitarist and vocalist, PJ Kelly, said: "We shot the video over two days. The main location was Duncarron Medieval Village, which has been used for the likes of Outlander and various Netflix productions. It adds such a rich element to the footage.

"The rest we filmed around North Ayrshire. We always try and feature our area in the videos we make."

PJ added: "This is our seventh video with Rab Affleck. We’ve been making these for over 10 years now and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

"He’s a great collaborator and his influence on shoot days makes a massive difference. He’s so generous with his time and the experience he has is passed on to any other actors involved without hesitation."

He revealed: "It was our most ambitious shoot to date, involving a stunt team and choreographing fight sequences. It was a real learning experience and we’re delighted with how it’s turned out.

"Saint Andrew seems to have struck a chord with people and since the release of the new EP, we always had it in our mind to try and make a video that matches the energy of the music.”

You can check out the new video on Thursday at Culann's YouTube page.