A NEW book by a Three Towns author has been published lifting the lid on a fascinating, and little-known, aspect of Ayrshire's industrial history.

'Powderkeg' is Alex McLatchie's latest contribution in his quest to bring to light some of the lesser-known aspects of Stevenston's long and distinguished industrial history.

The historically significant relationship between the town and the Nobel Explosives Company is well documented, though Alex's book concentrates on a largely unknown episode which occurred between one of the world's most influential industrial conglomerates and a small, regional and newly formed trade union.

The strike in May and June 1913 was the first experienced at Nobel's Ardeer in its 40-year history. 

The study incorporates some political and economic background to the dispute, and provides a fascinating insight into the some of the local  characters involved in the conflict. 

The book retails at £10 per copy and is available in local libraries and retail outlets, including Stevenston Post Office.

All profits go to the Ayrshire Hospice.