As temperatures continue to plummet over the weekend, you might see an increase of gritters on the roads.

Amey often ask for public suggestions to name these machines, with some entries including “Yes Sir, Ice Can Boogie”, “Buzz IceClear”, and Tunnock's "Caramelt Wafer".

Here in Ayrshire we have our own list of machines keeping the roads clear.

Here's a list of some you might see out on the roads:

  • Mr Grit
  • Gritzy
  • Salt Blaster
  • Frost Bite
  • Ice King
  • Mr Frosty
  • Ice Hunter
  • Snow Blaster
  • Usain Salt
  • Meltin’ John
  • Grittindor
  • Gritty The Great

This week temperatures have plummeted with the Met Office also issuing 'yellow' warnings for ice and snow.