TWO Irvine men have been accused of assault after a member of the public allegedly had his head stamped upon at a Prestwick takeaway.

Tyler Macauley, 22, has been charged with stamping on a man's head at the Spice Cube takeaway, with spitting in a police officer’s face, and with urinating in a way that was “likely to cause annoyance”.

Co-accused Jason Maitland, also 22, is accused of assaulting the same man at the Main Street business, following an alleged incident on April 10, 2023.

Mr Macauley is alleged to have pushed the member of the public on the body and to have then stamped on his head.

It's claimed he resisted, obstructed or hindered four police officers by tensing his body and resisting arrest on Main Street itself.

Mr Macauley also faces an accusation of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting, swearing and uttering a derogatory remark.

Further charges claim that he then assaulted a police constable by attempting to kick him and repeatedly pushing his body against the officer’s body in Prestwick and at Kilmarnock police station, and that he later urinated “in such a circumstance as to cause annoyance, or that was likely to cause annoyance, to another person” while at the police station.

A final charge alleges that he spat in another police officer’s face.

Mr Maitland is accused of repeatedly punching the same member of the public repeatedly on the head, causing him to fall to the ground to his injury.

Neither accused was present when the case called at Ayr Sheriff Court last week, though the court was told that a letter had been received from Mr Maitland pleading not guilty.

That plea was recorded, with Sheriff Mhairi MacTaggart continuing the case against Mr Macauley without a plea.

Future dates were set and Macauley and Maitland, Earlsbridge Gardens, and Cairnsmore Way, Irvine, will appear to face the allegations at a later date.

All accused persons reported are considered innocent unless they are later found, or admit to being, guilty.