Irvine is set to get a new mural - inspired by  the iconic dragon sculpture at the Beach Park.

Greenwood Youth Forum is now seeking the perfect location for the artwork after one of the community’s mental health delivery officers agreed to put the money up for it.

The forum is looking for some space in the town for the mural and ask anyone with a free wall to get in touch.

The youngsters will have an opportunity to work with the artist Steven “Tosh” McIntyre on the exciting project, which is well underway.

The Greenwood Youth Forum would welcome anyone who can help out with suggestions for a location for the mural. They have already discussed the idea with Irvine Community Council.

One community councillor suggested a wall near the King’s Arms, which is the location for a new housing development.

Community councillors suggested somewhere prominent in the town, perhaps at the harbourside or the Portal in the town centre.

There is also a container free at Castlepark Community but they don’t want to spend thousands of pounds for people to see it only for it to be later taken away.