IRVINE'S 8Ball Pool Club has closed its doors for the final time.

The popular Townhead venue had been one of the town's top venues over the past six years.

However, last month owner Craig McCready confirmed that the club would be no more as "crippling bills" left him with no option but to shut up shop.

Craig admitted he had been left "touched and humbled" by the response since his announcement - leading up the club's closing party on Sunday, February 26.

Over the past few weeks, the last of the venue's equipment has been sold on prior to their final farewell.

Craig has now said his last goodbye as the venue's owner, thanking all those who helped him make his dream come true.

He commented: "What a day/night we had for our closing party, thanks to everyone who turned up to support us one last time.

"Thanks to (the) staff and everyone who helped behind bar to keep us all watered much appreciated.

"From the bottom of my heart I will miss you all."