A kind-hearted Irvine girl has said goodbye to her long locks as part of a selfless charity fundraiser.

Young Ava Beck has gone the extra mile as part of her efforts to donate to the Little Princess Trust.

The Annick Primary School pupil came up with the idea following a chat at home with her mother - herself a manager for Cancer Research UK - about how she could do "something nice" for charity.

That is when the primary four pupil decided that she wanted to cut off a length of her own hair and donate it to children currently battling the disease and experiencing hair loss through their treatment process.

This is when Ava came across the Little Princess Trust who make wigs specifically for children.

Each natural hair wig costs around £550 to make, and these are then supplied free of charge by the charity and to children who would like one. 

So Ava went about fundraising before she went to see her auntie Feryn Raeside-Macneil, who is a hairdresser in Irvine, and together they set about transforming Ava's appearance - and simultaneously enhancing the life of somebody else.

Amazing Ava raised a total of £575 as a result of her efforts meaning she not only donated her hair but also covered the cost of the wig which will be made from it.

Her parents Michael and Ashleigh said: "We are all so proud of this selfless act which Ava chose to undertake.

"Not only has Ava donated twelve inches of her hair, she has ensured that the cost of making the wig has been met too.

"A special thank you goes out to all of you who donated, along with the fundraising efforts of her older sister, Katriona Beck, who ensured that Ava's target figure was achieved."