PLANS for a milk and milkshake vending machine in North Ayrshire have been submitted.

The Ayrshire Dairy has brought its proposals to the council for a second time after withdrawing a previous application in February.

The application seeks a change of use for part of Newtonhead farm, located on Irvine Road, between Irvine and Kilmaurs.

The Ayrshire Dairy also hopes to erect a steel mono-pitched framed building on the farm to house the self-service facility comprising two machines.

Newtonhead is already an active dairy farm which sells milk to an external company, Yew Tree Dairy.

Supporting documents lodged with the application explain that that operation will continue alongside the proposed facility, which is seen as a new business opportunity for the farm to sell their product directly to consumers.

The Ayrshire Dairy would form a separate business to do so.

Their business plan explains: "Our aim is to provide milk and milkshakes to the local community, directly from vending machines on-site on Newtonhead farm, in a purpose-built building with its own car park."

The application states that this car park would provide parking spaces for 23 vehicles.

The supporting statement adds: "Customers will be welcome to purchase glass bottles from one vending machine, which they can use to self-serve themselves milk and milkshakes from another machine.

"The purpose build shed will be in its own separate fenced area, but will be located in a picturesque field surrounded by animals including alpacas, cows, sheep, goats and chickens for the public to enjoy viewing.

"There are also no other similar businesses supplying on farm vending machines in mainland North Ayrshire, with the closest potential competitor located at least 19 miles away.

"Having undertaken extensive research, we believe that ‘The Ayrshire Dairy’ is a promising business opportunity, with the opportunity to support and integrate into the local community.

"Our mission is to deliver high quality pasteurised, non-homogenised milk and milkshakes from a vending machine to the local public at a competitive and fair price.

"We are excited to welcome consumers to the area, encouraging an understanding of where milk is produced from."

The business would create one full time role with the worker involved in the daily management and operation of the business, including advertising and social media - though it is discussed that this role will be filled by existing directors at the company.

The facility is to be made fully accessible and it is anticipated that the operating hours will be from 7am-8pm. 

Outside of these hours, the building and gate into the car park will both be locked for security purposes and to allow any cleaning as needed.

Documents suggest that regular milk sold on site will cost around £1.50 per litre while milkshakes will come at a cost of £2 per litre. Glass bottles sold on site will also cost £2 to purchase.

The full planning application, which is currently pending consideration, can be viewed on North Ayrshire Council's website with reference 24/00147/PP.