A STEWARTON woman has been invited to the Scottish Parliament to share her views on how the government engages with the public on issues surrounding climate change.

Retired customer relations officer Anne Gray took part in a Climate Change ‘People’s Panel’ which was set up to support Holyrood’s Net Zero, Energy & Transport Committee.

Twenty-five randomly selected members of the public from across Scotland took part in the events, which were held over two weekends and two online evening sessions.  

All panellists were encouraged to share their personal views and experiences in relation to the questions.

These involved how effective the Scottish Government has been at engaging the public on climate change and Scotland's climate change targets.

Anne admitted she was honoured to have her voice heard, and says the public need to be more aware of climate change. 

She said: “I was honoured to be chosen to take part in this ‘People’s Panel’ and to be made to feel relevant. As a pensioner in my 70s, I have a voice, and I want to use it. 

“I’d like the public to be made more aware of global warming, and I’d like the voice of youth to be heard and used more.

"After all, it is their generation and generations after, this is going to impact the most. 

“It’s been a big learning curve, but I hope the committee will now make good use of the recommendations we put forward.” 

Participants will now produce a set of recommendations that will be incorporated in a report and then presented to the committee.