CONCERNS have been raised that the removal of crossing guards at some North Ayrshire schools could be putting pupils at risk.

As part of the council's recent budget plans, which were approved at the end of February it is planned that crossing patrollers will no longer operate at schools where alternative crossing facilities are available nearby.

This raised alarm bells with grandparents at one particular school which will be affected by the cost-cutting measure.

Two grandparents from Loudoun Montgomery Primary School in Irvine say they have major safety concerns for pupils who may now have to cross the busy Ayr Road without the support of a crossing guard.

Irvine Times: A pelican crossing near Loudoun- Montgomery Primary School.

As the road has one pelican crossing and two zebra crossings a short distance away from the school it is set to be one of the primary schools that will lose its current crossing patrollers.

"Ayr Road is so busy," they explained. "Drivers sometimes don't stop for adults, let alone children.

"I understand it is parents' responsibility to get kids to and from school but what happens if you are full time working parents?

"Rules need to change. Help is needed. We need to fight this."

Irvine Times: A zebra crossing near Loudoun- Montgomery Primary School.

While North Ayrshire Council described the decision to remove crossing guards as "difficult", they say it was required to help produce a balanced budget.

They added that there are a number of alternative nearby Loudoun-Montgomery and that safety has remained a priority throughout their decision making process.

A council spokesperson said: “As part of delivering a balanced council budget for 2024/25, many difficult decisions were taken across a range of council services. 

“Following consideration, it was agreed there would be a reduction of school crossing patrols.

"The removal of posts will only take place at sites where there is already an alternative assisted crossing, such as a pelican crossing or a zebra crossing. 

Irvine Times: A zebra crossing near Loudoun- Montgomery Primary School.

“One of these sites is at a zebra crossing point near Loudoun Montgomery Primary School. 

“There are currently two zebra crossings on this road as well as a pelican crossing.

“Pupil safety remains paramount, and the school will continue to work with parents, carers and pupils on safe walking routes to school.”