Repair work under a railway bridge in Irvine could be set to take place this summer.

A repair is being carried out on the Queen’s Viaduct, alongside Irvine Sports Club and close to Irvine Moor between June 1 and July 28. The repair is just over a six-metre area.

Marine Scotland consulted Irvine Community Council about it as they are legally obliged to.

The important work is taking place under the water level at the bridge the trains go over but the work will not affect them.

It will take place in upstream of pier five, a very small area and no objections have been made to the plans.

Community Council chairman Chris Pless said: “Repairing the structure of the bridge won’t affect any of the trains and holes will be filled in on the stonework. 

“They have had a licence before for it and this is just so they can come and go when they like.

“It is a really small area they are covering and they are not damming the river or anything like that. There are four access points they have been given to use.”

Marine Scotland must apply for special permission to carry out work below the water line. The community council has no objections to the plans.