A THREE Towns resident has hit out at North Ayrshire's new parking laws after being hit with a ticket for leaving his car in the same spot he's used for 40 years.

Meanwhile, another man has warned there could be chaos when the council start fining those who park their cars along Ardrossan's busy North Shore to use the beach on hot days.

Both complaints relate to cars being parked on grassed areas.

And aa North Ayrshire Council spokesperson has confirmed it's OK for residents and visitors to park on a grassy area...as long as it is not separated from the road by a pavement.

They added: "If there is no pavement adjacent to the grassed area, no offence will have been committed."

That should make it possible for North Shore visitors to park, as long as it is across the road from the shore path.

Meanwhile Ardrossan resident John Gilmour, 79, received a 'warning notice ticket' after parking his car across from his home in Arran Place, at the South Beach promenade.

And with the new parking fine legislation coming into full force on April 15, he said: "I always park on the shore front and I got a warning ticket. 

"When I contacted the council they said that part was now a pavement.

Irvine Times: Arran Place, ArdrossanArran Place, Ardrossan (Image: Street View)

"And when I pointed out that no notices had been put up in the area, or letters sent to residents, he told me it was 'expensive' for the council to do that. It really annoyed me.

"The council people were helpful, but it seems to me that they're just trying to rake in some money.

"He said it was for safety, but I told him I didn't think that was the case here. Now we will have to park on the other side of the road.

"If there's a funeral at the nearby church, lots of people park on the grass on the prom.  This is going to be a real problem."

One the North Shore parking issue, one resident said:  "I completely understand traffic wardens for in the town, but why along the North Shore?

"Folk come from all over Scotland with their families. The beach is busy during the summer. Now they are going to be targeted and fine for parking up on the verge, off the road but not on the pavement. 

"The cars on the grass are off the road and so not causing any obstruction on the pavement whatsoever.

"That now means that lots of people, who have gone there for decades, won't be able to."

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “As part of our efforts to ensure drivers are informed and aware, we have been issuing warning notices to drivers who are parked illegally.

“This period has been invaluable in letting people know what constitutes illegal parking ahead of the introduction of Penalty Charges Notices on Monday, April 15.

“It is the responsibility of all drivers to park their vehicle considerately, and where this would not cause an obstruction to other road users and pedestrians.

“This includes areas such as promenades which are used by non-road users.

"For drivers parking on grassed areas, they may face a penalty charge notice if parked on an area of grass adjacent to a pavement.

"If there is no pavement adjacent to the grassed area, no offence will have been committed.

"It should be noted that in Arran Place, Ardrossan, there are marked parking spaces on the roadway directly outside the houses, as well as adequate on-street parking availability in nearby streets."

To find out more about North Ayrshire's new parking enforcement regime, visit the council website at www.north-ayrshire.gov.uk/parking.