The SNP's Kilwinning by-election candidate Sheila Gibson says her main aims for the town are to cut out speeding and bad parking as well as encouraging new businesses.

After missing out on the Kilwinning seat at the 2022 North Ayrshire Council election, Sheila is looking to win the seat at the poll, which takes place this Wednesday, May 9.

And the Kilwinning woman says she has been encouraged with the support received on the campaign trail.

The by-election follows the death of Conservative councillor John Glover back in February.

Sheila said: “I have been in the SNP for 10 years and got involved as I believe in the core principles: fairness, looking out for people and independence which, of course, goes without saying. 

“I have lived in Kilwinning for 50 years and I feel that somebody local represents the locality. I am confident of winning the by-election. I know what the problems are, I brought my daughter Kerry up here.

“I don’t think Labour or Tory have much to offer, we need to move forward as a country and not be held back as we are.

"We have a lot of women in the council. Women are more emphatic and less dogmatic, we find a way to work through things.”

Sheila added: “If elected I would have a positive voice for Kilwinning and would like to support the business community which is putting a lot into the revitalisation of the Main Street.

“I would encourage people to set up new shops in the area and would like to see a permanent banking hub in the Library and I would like to see something permanent. 

“I would like to see a stronger voice for Kilwinning and I will stand up for the people of the town.”

However, the SNP candidate says she's worried there will be a major accident at the corner of Dalry Road in Kilwinning.

She said: “It will be safer when the traffic is diverted onto the B714. But for now, there are big heavy lorries coming down Dalry Road and it doesn’t take much imagination to have a cat run across the road and you were ploughing to a load of schoolchildren.

“But the parking at the pick-ups and drop-offs at the other schools is not good. People need to be better at parking or a major accident could be caused.

“But we have taken action on Whitehirst Park and there is a flashing sign saying it is a 30 miles per hour limit. A lot of it is just about education. 

“There have recently been a couple of accidents with pets being knocked down owing to speeding and people have to keep to the speed.”

Sheila faces a total of four other candidates in her fight to win the seat: Mary Hume for Labour, Ruby Kirkwood for the Liberal Democrats, Chris Lawler for the Conservatives, and Ian Charles Gibson for the Scottish Family Party.