Ayrshire's four new Labour MPs have met Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer at Downing Street.

The group, accompanied by Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar, his deputy Jackie Baillie, and their fellow Scottish Labour MPs, were pictured in Downing Street with Sir Keir on Tuesday.

Labour shot to victory in Scotland in last week’s election, jumping from just one MP at the 2019 vote to 37.

In Ayrshire, Alan Gemmell, Irene Campbell, Elaine Stewart and Lillian Jones ended the SNP's hold on all four seats as a Labour landslide swept across the UK.

Mr Gemmell, a former British diplomat, took control of the camera for a 'selfie' taken just yards from the front door of Number 10.

The SNP's presence at Westminster was slashed from 48 MPs to just nine.

The Prime Minister stressed his commitment to Scotland after the election win, making the country his first stop on a UK-wide tour where he met with the leaders of the devolved administrations.

The meeting came hours before the MPs were sworn in at Westminster.

Since devolution, Labour’s fortunes in Holyrood have waned, losing power in 2007 and slumping to third place in 2016 behind the Conservatives.

But Mr Sarwar has targeted success at the 2026 Scottish Parliament election, with his party hoping to capitalise on the issues facing the SNP.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Sarwar said: “Scottish Labour’s 37 fantastic MPs will put Scotland’s voice at the heart of our Labour government, and are getting straight to work to deliver for the people of Scotland.

“Scotland’s best days lie ahead of us, and Labour is ready to unlock the vast potential that exists in every part of our country.

“The politics of division and fear are in retreat, and under Labour the politics of hope and optimism have been restored.”