AN Irvine venue has issued a public apology after failing to pay a band.

Glasgow-based blues rockers Anton and The Colts recently complained the Lyrics bar boss Amanda Finnigan had failed to pay them £320 after playing for three hours last month.

The band told the Times they were supposed to be paid that evening but were told by Mrs Finnigan her bank card had snapped.

They also complained of being given numerous excuses for the delay in text messages - since passed to the Irvine Times.

Guitarist Roscoe Wilson told the Times: “We were supposed to be paid on the night. We were just leaving Glasgow and she text us about the supposed snapped bank card.

“We turned up on time, we held up our end of the deal we were there for three hours playing three 45 minute sets. That was November 18 so it’s now a month and still nothing."

Last week bandmate Anton O’Donnell wrote on social media, saying: “We have been in constant touch with Amanda since then in an attempt to get what we’re owed. Excuses have included ‘I snapped my bank card’, ‘I got a digit wrong making the electronic transfer’, ‘There’s been a delay by the bank refunding the cash to me’, ‘My friend will be in Glasgow this weekend, she’ll bring the cash to you’ (she didn’t…)’ I dropped my phone in the sink so I can’t get online.”

“In the meantime, we have reported her to the Musician’s Union and she can expect to hear from their lawyers.”

After being contacted by the Irvine Times Lyrics did not respond, however the next morning put a statement on its Facebook page apologising to the band.

It said: “We are issuing a public apology to the band and assure them the matter will be resolved asap.

“We have worked with the boys before and was the same deal as before £320 and the bands drinks are covered by us all night. Unfortunately they had five customers to listen, in turn this meant we couldn’t cover their cost at the end of the night, this is the issue we have had with this band and we are very sorry this is the position it has put us and the boys in.

“We will rectify the matter over the coming fortnight and ensure the lads are paid in full and we hope the relationship with the lads can be fixed. Not an intentional fault just a very unfortunate one and not how we like to operate.”

It then went on to accuse the Irvine Times of having a ‘personal axe to grind’, after previously reporting complaints from former staff members over wages.

Stand up comedian and Limmy's Show star Raymond Mearns, who performed on Lyrics' opening night, said Finnigan failed to pay £300 after organising a comedy night in the venue.