AN Irvine youngster battling a heart condition had his dream come true - when he became a US cop for the day.

Ethan Docherty, seven, joined West Yorkshire Police and SWAT Cops on a special mission, thanks to the Make-A-Wish UK charity.

And his mum Jennie Docherty said he was “the happiest boy in the world”.

Ethan travelled down to West Yorkshire Police Training Facility “Carr Gate” in Wakefield with his mum Jennie , dad Graeme , and brother Calum, 10.

Make-A-Wish UK and the police created a jam-packed schedule for Detective Ethan to experience life as a policeman.

His day included scheming up ‘Operation Arizona’ – a fictional joint ‘mission ’ between a police force in America and West Yorkshire Police, which required ‘Detective Ethan ’ to play a key role to capture some baddies.

Real NYPD cars took part in a convoy with sirens , and, when Ethan tracked down the ‘criminals’, he took part in a re-enactment of a high speed police chase.

A police helicopter was there for Ethan to explore inside and at the end of the day, Ethan was give n a certificate for his brave work.

Born a month early with incurable heart defects, Ethan has had already battled through three major surgeries and will one day need a transplant.

Because of the extra strain on his heart, little Ethan gets tired and breathless easily and is unable to walk long distances – meaning he misses out on activities in and outside of school.

Before the wish, Ethan’s mum, Jennie Docherty, said that he would be “the happiest little boy getting this wish”.

On the day, she said: “We’re bowled over by the time and effort everyone has put into Ethan’s day – they pulled out all the stops .

“It’ s fantastic what Make-A-Wish do, the hope and joy they give to so many young children is just phenomenal. We’ve had a day to remember.”

Make-AWish UK grants wishes to seriously ill children. Wishes give children like Ethan and their families hope for the future, strength to cope and resilience to fight their condition. They’re given quality time away from the daily realities of living with their condition and have the chance to mak e magical memories they can treasure foreve r – whatever their future may hold.

Jo Micklewright, Director of Wishgranting, Make-A-Wish® UK said:“Ethan came to us with an incredibly imaginative and exciting wish and we are so humbled to have been able to grant it. We couldn’t have made this happen without the kind suppor t of West Yorkshire Police and all the staff and volunteers wh o gave their time .

“Children lik e Ethan face so many challenges at such a young age , but we think they deserv e time out to enjoy being children and to spend time with their family. We hope Ethan’s wish will give him and his family many happy memories to carry with them in the future.”

Chief Inspector Anwar Mohammed, West Yorkshire Police Operations Support said: “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Make-A-Wish to make this special da y happen for Ethan.

“We have been overwhelmed by the officers and staff across the section who volunteered to get involved and put everything in place; they have really gone above and beyond to help mak e this wish come true.

“Seeing Ethan’s enthusiasm for the US and British police whilst he has been with us today has been heart-warming, it is wonderful to see so much passion from a young person about the work the police do each and every day.

“I hope that Ethan and his family have had as much fun today as we have in welcoming them and hosting them at the fabulous facility here at Carr Gate , we have all had a great time and we all wish them well for the future.”

More children than ever are turning to Make-AWish so every donation really makes a difference.

To make a donation to help other children experience their One True Wish or to find out more please visit or telephone 01276 40 50 70.