Residents can now see the goings on in the council chambers from the comfort of their own home.

North Ayrshire Council last week began the webcasting of Full Council meetings which will allow residents to view proceedings online.

North Ayrshire Council say this is to make meetings more open, transparent and democratic.

The first meeting to be broadcast online was last week’s the Full Council meeting at 2pm on Wednesday, December 20.

Webcasts will be available to view on the council’s website for a period of six months.

The site has also been set up so viewers can easily skip to certain parts of the meeting.

Opening the meeting, Provost Ian Clarkson said: “I would like to remind everyone present that this meeting will be broadcast live to the internet and will be capable of repeated viewing.

“I have discretion to terminate or suspend filming if, in my opinion, allowing filming to continue would prejudice the proceedings of the meeting.

“Members are reminded that the cameras are activated by the sound system, and that they must switch on microphones when speaking and off again when finished speaking.

North Ayrshire Council Leader Joe Cullinane told the Times: “Although our Council meetings are open to the public, relatively few people come along to see what actually happens.

“By making proceedings available online, it gives everyone the chance to see what actually happens in the Council Chambers during a meeting of the Full Council.

“Broadcasting these meetings online ensures that our proceedings are open, transparent and democratic.”

The next broadcast will take place on February 28.

To view proceedings visit