An Irvine secondary school will remain closed this morning after pupils were sent home on Monday.

Irvine Royal pupils were sent home on their first day back at school yesterday due to an issue affecting the schools water suppy.

The school said they hoped to have the issue fixed by today but will remain closed for now.

An Irvine Royal spokesperson said: "Unfortunately the water supply issue has not yet been resolved. Therefore, the school will remain closed this morning. We are working on a solution which would enable the school to re-open ASAP and we will contact you with a further update later."

On Monday a North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “Owing to a problem with the cold water supply, it has been decided to temporarily close Irvine Royal Academy this afternoon.

“Scottish Water are investigating the cause of the problem, and we hope this issue will be resolved soon. Text messages will be sent to all parents/carers keeping them informed of the situation and the arrangements for re-opening.”