A 24-year-old woman who caused £100 worth of damage to a grandmother’s car because she refused to give her money has been fined £300.

Roseanne Shaw, of Newton Street in Kilbirnie, appeared at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week and pled guilty to one charge.

Shaw wilfully or recklessly destroyed or damaged the property belonging to another in that she scratched the paintwork of a vehicle after the owner refused her request for money.

The court heard that Shaw was at the woman’s home in Irvine’s Doon Court on October 2.

At around 4pm, Shaw asked the woman for money, but her request was declined.

Around two hours later, Shaw contacted the woman and again asked her for money, but was also refused.

She then asked the woman if she could see her car.

The woman was confused and went to look out her window.

She noticed that her car had several scratch marks on the rear side passenger door.

The police were then contacted.

Shaw was traced by police on October 26 and was asked by officers what had happened.

She replied: “It was me.”

When she was cautioned, Shaw stated: “I did it.” She was then detained.

During a police interview, Shaw said that after the woman refused to give her money “that’s when I went down the stair and scratched her car”.

The court heard that the value of the damage to the car was £100 and that Shaw had since paid the woman back.

Shaw’s solicitor Alex Muir showed Sheriff Elizabeth McFarlane a letter from the grandmother which stated that Shaw had apologised and paid for the damage.

He also said that it was “unfortunate that this has happened as she receives a lot of support from” the woman whose car she damaged.

Mr Muir said of his client: “She has some difficulties, a serious epileptic condition.

“She also has a bit of difficulty walking at times. Her mobility it’s impaired.

“I have here a letter which basically states all the money’s been paid by the accused.”

Mr Muir added that his client was unable to carry out unpaid work because of her health conditions and asked Sheriff McFarlane to consider a fine “given that she’s pled guilty at the earliest opportunity and she’s made an effort to pay for the damage”.

Shaw was fined £300 to be paid at £20 per week.