The owner of a dog missing for almost three days has pleaded with the people of Irvine to check their properties for him.

Eve Primrose's black Tibetan terrier Stan bolted from Irvine Beach Park on Thursday afternoon whilst out s walk with her son Nathan.
Stan and was last seen running between Rockware and the Maritime Museum heading towards Victoria Park.

He has not been seen since and his family are desperately worried about him.

Stan is new to the family and Eve says he is a timid and frightened little rescue dog and she fears he may be hiding somewhere for shelter.

She said: "Stan is still missing. Can I ask everyone to check their gardens, sheds, outbuildings, undergrowth and quiet areas.
As there have been no sightings he must be hiding. Due to his previous abuse he doesn’t trust humans and will not come to his name.
If is he in your garden, garage or hut I ask you to leave him be and secure the area so he can’t leave. We can’t thank everyone enough for your support. Stan is out there and together we can find him.
Thank you for all the people for searching and for the kind messages."

Stan is fully chipped and should still have two leads attached to him.

Nathan added: "He had 10ft of leads attached to him when he ran. Even if he has chewed through him, he will still have around 2m on him.

"Everyone has been wonderful already and we can't thank them enough. Please keep looking out for him. We just want to bring him home."