A LICENCE for a new pool club in Irvine has been granted, despite opposition from some Townhead residents.

The 8-Ball Pool Club, was granted a Provisional Premises Licence, with some changes to the conditions before it was granted.

The decision was rescheduled from last year after opposition from some Townhead residents and requests from North Ayrshire Licensing Board members to hear a report from the police.

Plans were previously approved in October last year for the subdivision of the old Andrew Wright building in Irvine’s Townhead to form two units – to include the use of Unit 1 as a pool club.

The applicant Craig McCready was looking to open until midnight Monday to Thursdays and until 1am Friday to Sunday, with alcohol on sale for consumption on and off premises.

The premises will be restricted to opening at 11am, rather than 10am; and restricted to remaining open until midnight rather than 1am on the night of Sunday/Monday.

It is intended that the club facilitate league matches, local and national pool competitions which adhere to the Scottish Pool Association guidelines.

The premises can open to play pool at any time, so long as alcohol is not being sold outside the licensed hours.

Memberships of the club will be available, but it will not be run as a private members-only club and will be accessible to the general public.

At North Ayrshire’s Licensing Board meeting on Monday, Cllr Scott Gallacher, seconded by Cllr Donald L. Reid, moved to refuse while Cllr Jean McClung, seconded by Cllr Robert Barr, moved to grant with these alterations.

On a vote, Cllrs Scott Gallacher and Donald L. Reid voted to refuse, while Convenor Ronnie McNicol, Vice-Convenor Todd Ferguson, Cllrs Jean McClung, Robert Barr, John Easdale, and Angela Stephen voted to grant.