A HEROIC girl is in the running for a first aid award after saving her sister’s life when she was choking on chocolate.

Kilwinning eight-year-old Skye Nelson has been nominated for the Young First Aid Hero of the Year Award held later this month.

Mum Jackie Nelson: “I’m such a proud mum. If it wasn’t for Skye’s quick thinking the situation could have been a lot worse.”

While her mum was upstairs doing housework and her dad was preparing lunch, Skye was watching cartoons with her sister Payton in the living room.

Suddenly Payton started choking while Skye started screaming.

As her parents rushed to the room, quick-thinking Skye had already grabbed her sister out the travel cot, leaned her over and started back slaps.

After a few slaps to the back her sister was sick, dislodging the chocolate.

Jackie added: “I really can’t express how proud I am of our daughter Skye.

“She doesn’t see that she did anything. She doesn’t actually realise she saved her sister life.

“Skye watches all the paramedic and hospital programmes with me and it just shows you she takes it all in.

“It was just at the end of July. We heard a noise then Skye was screaming that Payton was choking.

“I was going 100mph down the stairs and her dad came out the kitchen.

“But by that time Skye had already got her out and started slapping her back and that dislodged it.

“For being an eight-year-old and knowing what to do amazes me.”

The First Aid Awards will be held at the Doubletree Hotel, Glasgow on November 24.