Litterbugs in Kilwinning will be hit with on the spot fines for dropping rubbish during a clampdown on town centre mess.

North Ayrshire Council Enforcement Officers will be patrolling the Main Street alongside extra police officers to make sure no one is dropping litter.

The crackdown comes after residents expressed outrage over discarded take-away boxes and wrappers which, they say are dumped every weekday at lunch time.

Some residents claim the mess is being made by school and college students, however former MSYP Nairn MacDonald says the blame doesn’t lie entirely with one group.

He told the Times: “This issue was raised at the Kilwinning Community Council meeting and we had representatives there from Police Scotland, Kilwinning Academy and North Ayrshire Council and I think it would be unfair to lay the blame solely on school children.

“They are not the only people dropping litter, but I think, unfortunately people might see a school blazer and put it down to just kids being disrespectful.

“At the meeting everyone agreed the litter in the Main Street is an issue, but it is something that has always been an issue.”

Nairn says as a result Enforcement Officers will put on extra patrols and litterbugs can expect a hefty fine if they offend.

“It was agreed that there would be more patrols from council Enforcement Officers who have the power to issue on the spot fines so if someone drops litter there will be immediate action taken.

“There has also been a discussion with the traders in the town centre regarding what packaging they are giving out and how much of it because I think if that was reduced then the litter problem would also be reduced.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said local takeaways were also being spoken to.

He said: “We have lettered all ‘food on the go’ shops in the town and informed them of their obligation to clear up litter around their premises.

“As part of our drive to clean up the streets in Kilwinning, we will also be patrolling the area more frequently and identifying offenders and holding them accountable for their offence.

“Any shops who do not comply with the request to maintain the area outside could also be issued with a litter control notice.”