TWO North Ayrshire councillors are lucky to be alive after a journey on a Kilwinning road.

SNP Councillor Scott Davidson asked NAC about improving safety on Meadow Park Road at last month’s Full Council Meeting, on behalf of constituents in Whitehirst Park and the cottages on the route leading to the A737 junction.

In response, Labour Cabinet member for Place Jim Montgomerie said: “We actually met up and he showed me the route, and I actually feel blessed to be here today.

“I believe Cllr Davidson is a qualified lorry driver and he actually lost control of his car, nearly ended up in a field and we’re lucky to be here.”

Cllr Davidson told the meeting this was a “slight exaggeration”, adding, “we did slide on the hill at a slow speed and couldn’t stop and had to use the gears – which just absolutely emphasises my point, these concerns are real."

Cllr Davidson earlier asked if there were any plans to upgrade Meadow Park Road from north of the roundabout to where it joins the A737 just north of Dalgarven Mill.

He said: “I know the road well but don’t use it as much as it is a road I tend to avoid when I can.

“Would there be any possibility of incorporating appropriate traffic calming measures on the road where it leads to, and passes the cottages and also improving the junction at the A737 itself?

“Can NAC Roads add this as a priority road to ensure it is gritted in line with all other priority roads in the area, and can a decision on gritting be made swiftly?”

Cllr Jim Montgomerie said: “Meadow Park Road will be further assessed to consider such items as traffic speed and volume data, accident statistics, the environmental character of the route and the type of properties fronting the road.

“This will inform whether any further traffic calming measures are considered appropriate.”