Walkers Crisps has confirmed it has discontinued Sensations Streetmix from its range of products.

Walkers are responsible for a range of products including Wotsits, Quavers, Monster Munch, Squares and Bugles as well as their various ranges like Max and Sensations.

Several popular crisp flavours have been axed by the crisp giant recently.

In November 2023, Walkers revealed it had stopped making Salt and Vinegar Quavers, while in October fans discovered the popular Worcester sauce flavour had been discontinued.

Irvine Times: In October 2023 fans discovered Walkers' Worcester Sauce flavoured crisps had been discontinued.In October 2023 fans discovered Walkers' Worcester Sauce flavoured crisps had been discontinued. (Image: PA)

Then in December, Walkers confirmed they had also stopped making Max Strong Hotsauce Blaze flavoured crisps and Max Wasabi Peanuts.

Walkers Crisps confirms Sensations Streetmix has been discontinued

Walkers has now confirmed another of of its products has been axed from its range - Sensations Streetmix.

The snacks and nuts mix came in various flavours including Bangkok, Mumbai and Mexico City.

One fan took to social media this week to ask Walkers if they were still making the Sensations Streetmix.

Posting on X (formerly Twitter) he said: "@walkers_crisps have you discontinued the sensation street mix ?"

Walkers Crisps replied to the post revealing the reason behind the decision to axe the snack.

Walkers said: "We no longer make them. Sadly they weren’t as popular as we hoped."

A spokesperson from the company later revealed the Sensations Streetmix was discontinued back in 2022.

A Walkers spokesperson said: “We said goodbye to our Walkers Sensations Streetmix flavour back in 2022.

"Continuously evolving our portfolio enables us to focus our efforts on making more of the flavours crisp fans love the most."


But it's not been all bad news for fans, with Walkers launching a number of new crisp flavours in recent months.

In February the crisp giant added two new flavours to its Sensations range - Mature Cheddar and Chilli Chutney and Crushed Sea Salt & Black Peppercorn.

While in March it released brand new Extra Flamin Hot Crunchy Wotsits in stores across the UK.