"A lot of people say that they could write a book about their lives, well my one (so far) would certainly make for good reading.

I was born in Irvine Central on the 25th of March 1978. I had a great upbringing in my home town in Saltcoats. Myself and my brother and sisters never ever went without. Our parents had always worked hard.

I never really took school seriously and just seen it as a bit of a laugh if I'm being honest. I was always a bit of a joker and probably still am so that probably held me back from taking my studies seriously. I didn't leave school with any qualifications really. I kind of just pottered about in life until I got to the age of 20. I was constantly in and out of jobs and just flushing my life away in bars and nightclubs. I kind of had a lightbulb moment and decided to take control of my life.

Myself and my best friend at the time decided we'd try and join the Army. I ended up going to the Careers office and he didn't and the rest was history. I didn't see myself working in a Factory or a Slaughterhouse and due to my poor showing at school, that really was my options.

I wanted to see the World and better myself and boy did I do that. I joined the Army in 1999 at 21 years old. I served 14 years before taking the Voluntary redundancy. My experiences in the Army have certainly made me the man that I am today. I'm ambitious, disciplined, my timekeeping is spot on, I have respect for others and I'm a very determined person too.

Irvine Times:

I got to see some amazing countries and some not so amazing ones but overall, it got me to where I am today which I'll come onto later. I managed to go to and serve in, London, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Belize and Afghanistan.

When I left the Army, there was only one place that I wanted to go and that was Gibraltar. I had such an amazing three years there and was determined to go back. My wife at the time wanted to be closer to her family and ultimately, she got her way so we moved back to Scotland.

I managed to get myself a job in the NHS as a zero hours contract Bank Porter at Ayr Hospital. I was quite happy just having a wee job and really enjoyed it. Within three months I was made a Supervisor and within two years I was made the Head Porter at Ailsa Hospital. I loved my wee job and going to the gym afterwards.

My life seemed settled but the monotony of it, especially at home, was starting to take the strain. I was getting more and more distant from my wife and knew that after 16 years that something was seriously wrong. My marriage was breaking down. I wasn't enjoying my life and all I kept thinking about every day still was Gibraltar.

Then the dreaded day came, my marriage was over. I didn't know what to do with myself. I didn't see myself living in a one bedroom flat in Ayr all alone and struggling every single day. That wasn't me, I wanted more.

A friend at the time suggested I go and visit him in Spain and try to find work. If I enjoyed the area and fancied it then move over and if not, I still had my NHS job in Scotland. I took some time off work and went for it. I absolutely loved it! I reluctantly resigned from job from the NHS and started a brand new life in Spain at 40 years old. I went to Spain heartbroken, on my knees in life and with only twenty pounds in my pocket. I set myself some goals. I wanted to eventually make my way to Gibraltar and try to get a Government job. I thought with my history that it would be easy. How wrong could I be?

Irvine Times:

On my down time at night in Spain, I had an idea about a book. It was about a young guy from the West Coast of Scotland who comes across a lucky Bunnet. His life completely changes when this Bunnet comes into his life. I had the whole story in my head and finished it within a month. Within another month it had been proof read and was on Amazon for sale. I had self published my own first book. The Bunnet was born.

I managed to write and self publish two other books after that. Hugo and The Factory Girls. They are all set in an Ayrshire village. You will recognise the characters from all of the books. Check the reviews out for them on Amazon.

Irvine Times:

I came here with nothing, I now in live in a stunning shared six bedroom Villa just outside Gibraltar. I've written my books and done everything and anything just to get by at times including even waiting on tables.

I'm currently on the shortlist for a Government job in Gibraltar and awaiting a position. Two years ago I was completely on my knees and now I'm living the dream.

If you're in a low place at the minute. Things will get better. Go out there and take chances, make goals and go out there and live your dreams.

I did. Life is far too short!"

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