"Ayrshire was the first place I saw a wrestling show, at Butlin’s in Ayr before I started primary school.

I always had the memory in the back of my mind, then when I was a wee bit older I ended up seeing a show with my pals at the Magnum Theatre in Irvine.

Ever since I saw those shows, I wanted to be a wrestler.

When I finally became a wrestler, there was no prouder feeling than wrestling at the Magnum Centre or Ayr Town Hall.

Irvine Times:

To be honest the Grand Hall in Kilmarnock is the best place to wrestle. Ayrshire has the best crowds but especially the Grand Hall.

It’s brilliant because there’s a big family atmosphere there to get involved in and it’s always noisy. People around the world say it’s a brilliant place to wrestle.

People from across the world definitely recognise Ayrshire and there are a few wrestlers out there from here like Drew McIntyre.

I’ve wrestled in places in Mexico where people have shouted “tap end a Stevenston”. When I wrestle in America too I always make sure that they say where I come from, not Glasgow, Ayrshire.

Irvine Times:

I think it’s such a Scottish thing to be proud of where you come from. Growing up with your pals you always think your town’s the best, your Boys' Brigade is the best, you’re school is the best.

It’s ingrained in you that where you’re from is the best. I’ll always include the tap end of Stevenston on the radio when I speak about Ayrshire. It’s local pride.

There’s so much I learn from acting that I put into my wrestling, with pantomime too. I can lend from what I learn in panto and put it into wrestling and what I learn from wrestling into panto.

I would always say my number one passion is wrestling but it is better going to work on a set knowing that you’re not going to end up with a black eye or a sprained ankle. You can actually walk the next day after filming Two Doors Down.

Every time I go into Glasgow I feel like I’ve been on a day out and I don’t want that to be taken away from me. Close to the beach, green grass, coos. That’s what’s for me."

Irvine Times:

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