Festivities were underway as members of Age Concern UK’s Irvine branch celebrated the group’s thirtieth anniversary.

On Wednesday November 9 at Lanfine Community Centre, group members partied the day away as they enjoyed live music, dancing, a buffet with tea and coffee, and even a glass – or more – of wine.

After two hours of preparation, the social event started at 1.15 and finished at 3.15pm with an impressive turnout as many members came along to socialise over a drink and some food.

Irvine Times: The buffet was a party highlightThe buffet was a party highlight (Image: Charlie Gilmour)

Committee chair and member of 10 years, Anne McKinley, said: “It’s been 30 years, so we thought let’s have a wee party!

“They’re all nice – everybody here seems to get along with one another. It’s quite nice. They’re a good happy crowd.

“During the lockdown we lost about 20 members so it’s just trying to build it up again – we’ve got three or four new ones.”

Group members enjoyed the special celebration that allowed them to let loose and have a laugh and a chat together – some ladies even showed off their line dancing skills.

Each attendee was treated to a bit of the cake from Costco made especially for the occasion that was cut by members Margaret Hall and Helen Blair.

Margaret, aged 91, is one of the group’s longest attending members, first coming to the group over 20 years ago.

Margaret said: “I enjoy coming every week. It’s a highlight. I come here on a Wednesday and go to my church guild at Girdle Toll and I thoroughly enjoy that too.

“It’s nice to hear speakers because in the guild we have different speakers but in here it’s mostly entertainment which is good so it’s the best of both worlds.

“It’s a very well organised club and a very caring club – I can’t say any more about it.”

Irvine Times: It was smiles all round as everyone revelled in the festivitiesIt was smiles all round as everyone revelled in the festivities (Image: Charlie Gilmour)

The party was just one of the special events the group holds as outside of their weekly meetings, they go on trips and take part in a variety of activities.

Attendee and group member of five years Sally Powell said: “The group stands the test of time because it works with the people that come and they’re prepared to update things and change to accommodate whoever’s here.

“So many members depend on the club as a social thing. A lot of people have lost husbands and maybe neighbours that they were friendly with so it’s important to them.”

Age Concern UK’s Irvine group is funded by North Ayrshire Council.

New members can join the group simply by showing up to one of the weekly socials in Lanfine Community Centre.

A year long membership costs just £5.