It may only be November, but people are already preparing for Christmas and maybe even thinking about putting up the tree. 

The date for putting up the Christmas tree tends to vary from family to family, with some opting for an early start to the festivities, while others wait right until the last minute. 

But did you know there's a traditional date for putting up your tree?

Here's everything you need to know about when you should be putting up your Christmas tree...

When should I put my Christmas tree up?

According to tradition in the UK you should put your Christmas tree up around the beginning of advent, which is four Sunday's before Christmas. 

This year advent will start on November 28, however lots of people will choose to wait until December 1. 

Roman Catholic tradition on the other hand is at the other end of the spectrum - waiting until Christmas eve to put up the tree. 

The Queen finishes "dressing" her tree on Christmas eve, with all the members of the Royal family joining in as a festive family activity. 

While there are different traditions, it is of course completely up to you when you choose to put up your tree and start celebrating the festive season!

What date should I take my Christmas tree down?

Again, according to tradition, you should take your tree down on the 12th day of Christmas which is January 6. 

The first day of Christmas is unsurprisingly December 25 and traditionally is followed by 11 further days of celebration.

January 6 marks the beginning of the Christian holiday Epiphany and superstition suggests it is "bad luck" to keep your decorations up after this date. 

However last year many people around the country kept their Christmas lights up well into February to maintain some festive cheer during the post-Christmas lockdown.