A DAD learned how to walk again after suffering a freak accident - but still suffers PTSD.

David McWaters was left with horror injuries after slipping from a skate ramp and falling 5ft in front of his two little girls.

The 42-year-old feared he would die from internal bleeding after his pelvis punctured his stomach, and his left thigh bone was "pulverized" into mush.

The father-of-two said the pain was “the closest thing a man could feel next to childbirth” but admitted the mental stress from the accident has been far worse.

Irvine Times: David McWaters feared for his lifeDavid McWaters feared for his life

Irvine Times: David had to be screwed back togetherDavid had to be screwed back together

It comes as he was forced to give up his wedding photography business while trying to pay for physiotherapy and was unsure if his leg would ever fully recover.

Now almost four years after his accident David, from Eaglesham in East Renfrewshire, can now walk again but sadly still wakes up from horror nightmares about his fall.

David explained: “The pain after the accident was through the roof, it was honestly probably the closest a guy could experience to giving birth.

“It was the mental problems that came after were even worse though, it was horrible.

“I still have recurring nightmares of the fall and walking up before I hit the ground.

“The anxiety of not knowing if I would get fully better or be able to walk was so hard, and also trying to get back to work was stressful.

“There were some scary long dark nights when I didn’t know what would happen.

“I have always worked and never taken time off so to not be able to do anything and just seeing the bank balance decline was worrying.

“Part of the recovery was dealing with anxiety issues and working through that, I am proud to say I have been working on it.

“That's part of what the physio can do for you - a good sports therapist will work you and keep you motivated.”

Irvine Times: David's pelvis punctured his stomachDavid's pelvis punctured his stomach

Irvine Times: He underwent surgeryHe underwent surgery

David had taken his two young children Emily,10, and Zoey, six, to Haddington Skatepark in August 2018 for a fun family day out.

While watching them play on their scooters he suddenly lost his balance and plummeted off a ramp landing on his hip.

A group of youngsters nearby called him an ambulance and he was rushed to hospital where he stayed for two weeks and underwent surgery.

Irvine Times: David was with his kids when the accident happenedDavid was with his kids when the accident happened

Irvine Times: David is now back on his feetDavid is now back on his feet

He had his bones screwed together but unfortunately he suffered nerve damage from the operation limiting his limited mobility range.

David but relied on crutches for more than a year until managing to use a walking stick by Christmas 2020.

David was determined to get back on his feet and decided to work with private sports therapist, Eilidh Phyzz.ED Physiotherapy, which he believes “saved his career”.

Their sessions helped the devoted dad “shave a year off his recovery time” and focus on his family business, Central Domestic Appliances, which requires physical strength to work with the machines.

It wasn't until out a walk during the first lockdown that he noticed his limp had gone thanks to his hard work training.

Irvine Times: David had to undergo major surgeryDavid had to undergo major surgery

David said: “I will have issues with it forever, I can’t run or ride motorbikes anymore but at least I can walk again.

“I really wanted to find a sports therapist that would push me through, and Eilidh pushed my boundaries.

“I had to learn to walk again and rebuild the muscle in my leg, it was hard but she really helped me.

“We did lots of stretching exercises and the feeling gradually started to return to my leg.

“It was during lockdown on one of my daily walks I realised I didn't even have a limp anymore.

“Eilidh shaved a year off my recovery timeline, and ultimately saved my career at Central Domestic Appliances.

“I still have a bit more physio to do but I have come a long way.”