TOMORROW is a new day.

Literally it is a brand new day, but it’s also a new ‘labelled’ day.

We already get duped in to marking and making a fuss on the ‘traditional’ celebration days which have long been part of our annual calendar.

The old favourites like Mother’s Day, Father’s day, Pancake Day et al.

Then there’s the legitimate holidays and religious days celebrated by most of us in Western society, such as Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday and the likes.

But with the advent of the internet and social media there seems to have been a whole new list of daft days which are so preposterous it would seem they have just been blatantly made up.

How many times have you seen and heard ‘oh it’s National Yellow Pig Day’ or ‘it’s National Fried Chicken Day’ or ‘it’s National Another Ridiculous Day-Day’.

Okay, so the last one I made up but the other two are, astonishingly, actually real.

It’s July so we all know that the Americans celebrate their Independence Day on July 4.

But did you know that every single other day in this month – and every other month in the year – has a ‘special’ awareness or appreciation theme.

For instance, you might think that this week you have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, before you hit the weekend. But you’d be wrong.

What you actually have is ‘National Ratchatcher’s Day’, ‘National Hot Dog Day’ and, wait for it – ‘National Amelia Earhart Day’.

Yes, this Friday is a full day dedicated to honouring, remembering and celebrating the famous aviation pioneer who vanished in 1937, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean during a record-setting attempt to fly around the world.

There’s no denying it’s an intriguing case, but does it warrant a national day?

But that’s by no means the most outlandish. Not even close.

Also coming up this month is ‘National Threading The Needle Day’ (July 25).

Yes, you read that right. A day for those who sew, but also, apparently (if the internet is to be believed) it has a second meaning The term ‘thread the needle’, is also a saying (although not one that I’ve ever heard).

It allegedly means to walk a fine and difficult line between two things or issues, or to do something difficult.

For example, if you have two friends who have fallen out, you may have to ‘thread the needle’ in an attempt to get them to kiss and make up. Utter nonsense.

But it doesn’t stop there. In August we can expect more of the same, not least with ‘National Wiggle Your Toes Day’.

Yes, really. A full day dedicated to giving your foot-phalanges a shimmy.

What is the point, I hear you sigh?

Answer? There isn’t one. Well not one that I can see.

I tell you who will embrace these absurd and irrelevant theme days though.

All those social media morons who spend their every waking moment scrolling through Facebook and tweeting their ever-so-important thoughts of the day.

National Make A Hat Day (September 15) gives them something to post about (although I will concede it is a welcome change from the ubiquitous pictures of last night’s dinner).

This Sunday, July 26 is ‘National All or Nothing Day’.

And when it comes to these silly celebration days, I will definitely take the latter.