If you’re the type of traveller to be seduced by exotic tropics and far-flung heat, you’ll likely forget that some of the best beaches are just a couple of hours from home. 


Europe is blessed with some of the most spectacular coastlines in the world.  Expansive long stretches of golden sand, tranquil blue-green waters and secret coves, along with the feisty Atlantic waves to contend with.  Picturesque seaside villages, impressive driftwood walkways and harbours clinking with old-fashioned sailing boasts.  


Beyond these beautiful beaches themselves, there is everything else that should come with a brilliant sun holiday.  Few tropical getaways can compete with the magnetic lure and culture of Europe’s seaside offerings.  Pleasure seekers, eaters and drinkers are in for a treat with these top sun holiday options.


The French Riviera

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From Marseille to Menton, you will see the Côte d’Azur starching languorously out towards the water.  Basking in year-round summer sun and offering a truly European charm, the beach spots along this coastline are some of the most picturesque in Europe: A-list Cannes, old-school Nice and artsy Antibes.  All of these sunshine spots are the perfect antidote to the grey weather the UK is famed for.


Mainland Spain

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With the welcoming Costa de la Luz in the south-west of Mainland Spain, this country’s stunning Atlantic coast offers a plethora of sun-bleached towns, along with a number of wild beaches to explore between surf-boho Tarifa and ancient Cádiz


Marbella acts as the gateway to the always-popular Costa del Sol, which is where the Mediterranean truly begins.  This glistening Andalucían town offers a fantastic range popular beach spots and this popular party vibe also extends along to the nearby town of Màlaga.


Further up the coast are two more exceptional sun holiday spots: Costa Bravo and Costa Blanca.  Costa Blanca has some great beach spots however it can quickly become congested in peak months over the summer.  Alicante is arguably the prettiest town along the coastline and easily outshines some of its noisier neighbours with its chic boutique offerings.  



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This must-visit Italian island often lays claim to having some of the best beaches throughout Europe. Prepare yourself for sand so white and fine, you’ll think you are in a dream along the Emerald Coast.  With calming iridescent waters, you’ll love nothing more than dipping your toes into this impossible clear water. 


If you’re looking to travel back in time to where the beaches still offer Robinson Crusoe romance vibes, then you should definitely visit the La Maddalena archipelago.  Here you can swim in dreamlike lagoons and marvel at the nature around you. 


The Algarve

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The Algarve remains the perennial family holiday hotspot.  This region is renowned for its scorching hot summers and breathtaking sunsets.  The brilliant sandy-white beaches are truly something to behold and some of the best beaches include Praia do Carvalho and Ilha da Fuseta.



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Lemnos is truly one of Greece’s best-kept secrets.  This spectacular island is worth a visit all year round and is home to the God Hephaestus.  You certainly won’t have a hard time finding accommodation on this picturesque island.  This is one of the few Greek Islands that has been left relatively untouched by tourism, making it a great sun holiday option if you’re keen to experience the local culture.



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Montenegro represents the new frontier for anyone looking for a new sun holiday experience.  This special slice of the Adriatic has a certain fairytale quality, with its shimmering lakes and soul-stirring mountains.   The Aman Sveti Stefan is the glittering jewel of the Budva Riviera.  


Croatia’s secret islands

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Just an hour ferry journey from Dubrovnik are the sandy and secluded beaches on Lopud Island.  This special Island is famous for offering one of the best beaches in the Dubrovnik region.  This is truly a natural paradise where you can completely switch off and relax while exploring its beautiful surroundings.


Finding it difficult to pick your next sun holiday destination?

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