Vaping was at one time seen as an alternative to smoking but very much now it appears to be a lead into smoking.

The recent report by the European Commission concluded that overall, there is moderate evidence that electronic cigarettes are a gateway to smoking for young people and strong evidence that flavours have a relevant contribution for attractiveness of use of electronic cigarette and initiation.

The rules around vaping need to be strengthened to be the same as sales and use of general smoking.

The reason I say this, is that I am receiving complaints of vaping on buses and the implications for people’s health.

The unfortunate thing is if anything is said it can lead directly to verbal abuse and the remainder of the journey being uncomfortable for users. I’m sure this feedback is not exclusive to the number 11 bus.

It’s the health side that’s important to me as figures show the scale of vape usage in schools.

An investigation has revealed that children as young as five have been caught with vapes or e-cigarettes in primary schools in Scotland.

At least 109 smoking devices were seized from pupils under 11 in the last academic year, indicating a concerning rise in vape use among children.

The number of confiscated vapes in primary schools increased from zero before 2021 to 80 in the 2021-22 school year. Across primary and secondary schools in Scotland, more than 600 vapes were confiscated in total.

Hospital admissions of under-18s for vaping-related illnesses, including lung injuries or damage caused by electronic cigarettes, have also increased, with three admissions in the last academic year compared to one in 2021-22.

Sheila Duffy, chief executive of anti-smoking charity ASH Scotland, said: “It’s been driven by the widespread availability of very cheap, brightly coloured, sweet-flavoured disposable e-cigarettes, which have found their way into the hands of children, including the very young."

ASH Scotland has joined the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in calling for Westminster to ban disposable vapes.

Taking all the current evidence onboard and the number of disposables vape I find while litter picking, I believe regulation on use of vapes is required, age related sales and that the sale of disposable vapes be banned.