ON Sunday Irvine Rugby Club Youth sections Mini, Micro and Midi players travelled up to Kilmarnock Rugby Club to continue their 2016/17 fixtures on a glorious day with blue sky and a nip in the air,

The Micro’s (Primary 1 to 3) boys and girls were split into even numbers with our counterparts from KRFC, both set of players enjoyed some great tries and pacey running with some great defending.

Thanks goes to Kerr Glen for the game coaching

The Mini's (P4 and 5) had the daunting task of facing two KRFC Teams. In the first game the IRFC boys and girls minis tackled well, ran hard and displayed some great excellent sportsmanship, eventually squeezing a narrow victory over the KRFC team.

In the second game, Irvine were up against a much larger boys team.

At times Irvine were overpowered and overrun, but with their skill, speed, sheer cunning and determination they managed to produce a great fighting display - one that their coach Jim Christie was proud of.

The Midi’s (P6-7), were playing at their best before visiting Kilmarnock, and as the first game got underway it was apparent to the coach Stephen Cunningham that they had continued that form into the fast-paced battle.

The game tackling was solid, rucking was very effective and Crisp clean passing was at times memorising, and from the recovered breakdown balls, Irvine managed to run a few tries which enabled them to steal a well-earned victory.

The second game started and continued in the same vein as the first. However with the pitch starting to cut up, the handling and running was starting to lose its finesse and the players were starting to lose steam, which allowed Kilmarnock to gain an upper hand and at the final whistle they had edged ahead.

People who fancy giving rugby a try should head along on a Tuesday, from 630pm until 7.30pm at Irvine Rugby Club, Marress, or Wednesdays, from 7pm until 8pm at Irvine Royal Academy.