FOR Ron's Runners it has been another quiet week, but unlike previous weeks it has also been most frustrating as not only is there a dearth of events to enter the weather too has provided adverse conditions in which to enjoy running.

For some scheduled nights barely half the numbers normally turning up brave the elements and often too Christmas events take a toll resulting recently with only some 25 turning out. However, those who do attend usually report enjoyable training stints.

On Tuesday, the temperature was above ice-forming temperature but was rather wet overhead and with the routes chosen taking members as far out as the Girdle and The Paddock, word filtered through to members that puddles were still treacherous as the pavement below still hid ice.

Even worse, in some respects, conditions differed from street to street.

On Thursday although the day temperature was well above freezing at nightfall the temperature plunged again and by the time the runners returned they reported the pavements were again beginning to freeze and were extremely slippery but thankfully all attending finished safely.

The preceding week water was the drawback. The steady downpour was bad enough but those brave enough to venture out had to contend with dam-sized standing water especially at street corners and extra care and vigilance is required as drivers’ vision can be drastically impaired and water could be sent up in swamping waves by passing traffic with most returning rather drenched.

Following the Christmas night out there was only one member at the Troon Parkrun, where Corrie Lotter - in his first outing since his ultra-event - recorded a satisfactory 28:40 - finishing 30th from a field of 79. Also, there as stewards were Helen Marshall and Rachel Cox.

Eglinton 5k saw nine line up - one of whom James Chalmers once more set a new personal best, leading the club home with 19:49 ahead of his uncle James McGill 21:28 and Neil Kyle 22:19. Sylvia Mulholland was first lady back with 24:17 followed by Jennifer Cowell 26:09. Carol Rome did well to record 29:17 then William Goggans managed 29:35 before Mary Huggan’s 35:58 brought the club home. Gail Steven, Gemma Davidson with her son Evan took their turn as race stewards.

Training over the holiday period will continue as normal except for Tuesdays. On January 2, the club request members make a special effort to enter the Beith 4.8 mile race. Although the home club have organised the race themselves this year Rons Runners are still heavily involved in lending help and support and will again be supplying officials and stewards.

A large entry will see the Beith’s new committee off to a rewarding start. Run with company adds both to safety and enjoyment. For details contact