DISCONSOLATE Irvine boxer Ryan Collins will go back to the drawing board after his bid for a major title ended in disappointment for the second successive time on Saturday.

However after the Celtic Lightweight title, which was billed bumper box office by the promoters ended in deadlock just as it had 11 months ago, Flynn conceded it was highly unlikely there would be a sequel to the saga.

Collins told Sportscene minutes after the fight: "It's a gutter, I was knocked down in the first round and he was winning on the scorecard. He was 10-8 ahead in the first round and maybe 10-9 in the second. It's deja vu just like last time. We have the worst of styles together we come in and clash although it would have been good to see it pan out. But I feel I was coming back into it before the clash.

"I am gutted as will Charlie as this does nothing for our careers- two fights and two head clashes. We don't go anywhere with that. I don't think the trilogy is going to happen for the sake of both of us. But we are safe and that's the main thing.

"If the fight had gone on another 30 seconds more Charlie would probably would have won so I have got off myself. After this fight we will go our separate paths. I was down two rounds after the knock down."

Collins is due to fight Ahmed Ibrahim for the Scottish Lightweight title at the St Andrew's Sporting Club in April. But he is not sure if this may come to soon.

He added: "I don't know what will happen, I would have to start sparring soon. I will go back into training this week and have a word with the promoters to see what they say. It was just one of these things. I was feeling comfortable in the fight and starting to move around. I would have been good to see it develop more into a fight."

However he had praise for the fans and said: "The punters are coming to spend their hard-earned cash and they want to see a result. They have followed me through ups and downs. It feels a bit like a defeat as you put so much effort into it."

Flynn said: "I said to the referee could we finish the round as there was only 30 seconds to go but he's the ref and not me. Our styles don't mix. Ryan is a good guy and there's no bad blood, we are just two boxers trying to get through the boxing world."