FORMER Irvine Meadow goalkeeper Joe Cassidy was an interested visitor at the Irvine Meadow exhibition in the Townhouse.

Joe joined Meadow in 1965-66 and played so impressively that he was capped for Junior Scotland against Ireland in 1968.

As well as enjoying the exhibits in the display cases, Joe was fascinated by the interactive screens and spent a while identifying players from the old team photos and telling stories about them.

After leaving the exhibition, Joe headed for Meadow Park where he was the guest of the Irvine Meadow Wednesday Club. In conversation with Gordon McCreath, Joe entertained his audience with tales from his playing days between the posts. His detailed descriptions of mistakes he made during games had the members laughing enthusiastically as the two-hour session flew past.

Readers who don’t know Joe as a footballer may recall buying groceries from him after he took over George Donaldson’s shop in Thornhouse Avenue, or sampling one of his excellent burgers from “Joe’s” at Ayr Harbour.