TOUGH-talking Kilwinning Rangers boss Chris Strain is clamping down on indiscipline, warning his players will be in trouble if they don’t toe the line.

He said after the 1-0 defeat against Talbot, the final game at Abbey Park: “Our discipline hasn’t been good enough in the course of the season and we will put policies in place come next season to make sure that we’re much better than it has been because that’s something that has to be worked on along with play.

“We could fine players or drop them., the problem I have had is that football players like to play and if they do the same things time and time again there has to be sanctions brought in, whether that be monetary or they are sitting watching and they learn their lessons.

“It’s been a disappointing season. There’s a youth and vibrancy about this football club which we can harness and create a new chapter. It’s sad to be leaving Abbey Park but sentimentality and misty eye will not keep this club going for the next 20 years. We must become an aspirational club.”

Most of the squad has been retained but there will be five or six changes in the squad. More will come out than will come in.

Buffs this week confirmed they had signed re-signed six players for the coming season. They are: David Syme, Sam McCloskey, Tommy Maitland, Jamie Whyte, Mark Curragh and Ben Lewis.

Irvine Victoria boss Brian McLuckie saluted his side after they assured survival in the Championship.

He said: “We had only three players from last season but have improved as the season has gone and we deserve to stay up. It was a good win against Girvan. We will re-group and go again for next season.”