AMBITIOUS Irvine Meadow co-caretaker bosses Colin Spence and James Latta say they want the job permanently after their managerial debut ended in a 3-0 defeat against bitter rivals Irvine Meadow.
The duo were, as Spence admitted “thrown in at the deep end” but enjoyed the experience, despite the result.
Latta said: “After Brian McGinty left, me and the committee asked me and Colin to take the team. We only trained for half an hour which was not ideal for a game like that. We would like to go into the if we are 100 per cent committed and we have the 100 per cent backing of the committee it’s a no brainer. 
“We would be looking for the appointment to be beyond the end of the season.”
He said he felt the dismissal of Spence was “harsh” and a booking would have been enough.
Spence said: “It was a long week with the catastrophic performance at the Kello and the manager announcing he was leaving. We can’t fault the boys, they responded really well and gave us everything, we asked them to keep going. We want the job but can’t play and manage, hopefully the club will tell us something this week. We both have experience and know the players.
“If we get the job it could be a case of a rebuild and we could start putting feelers out for next season. Brian McGinty has been good, he called me the other night.”
Chairman Robert Jeffrey confirmed Latta and Spence would be in charge for the home game against Glenafton Athletic on Saturday. But nothing had been decided beyond that.
Buffs boss Chris Strain was pleased with the win and said: “It was always going to be difficult as Meadow have done well in the league. The early goal helped us as we didn’t have to force the game. But I was disappointed with how little control we had of the game. It was scrappy but Meadow worked hard at making the game like that.
“I was good three strikers scored and we got a clean sheet. We did the ugly side of the game well.”
The boss admitted title success would be tough as Auchinleck Talbot won 2-1 at Rossvale.
He said: “We would have to win the last eight games to have a chance.”

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