IRVINE Vics assistant Mark McCann insists that getting fans back into junior grounds should be the number one priority ahead of the new season.

Last week, it was revealed that the new West of Scotland Football League set-up is aiming to get football back around October time, should the coronavirus situation in Scotland allow for this to happen.

While this is positive news for all clubs, like Vics, No.2 McCann is concerned about the prospect of playing with no fans due to potential financial implications.

He said: “It’ll be good to get back in and underway again but obviously we need the nod from the government to restart – so it’ll be down to them at the end of the day.

“All we can do is keep preparing as best as we can if I’m honest.

“But I know we’re all keen to get back into training as soon as possible.

“Myself and the gaffer are just eager to be back amongst the boys and get some sort of training going.

“I think the biggest risk is how the SFJA or the SFA handle the situation regarding fans, because every club needs them.

“How we get them back through the door is a major concern for me. Obviously clubs are reliant on people coming to watch in terms of finances.

“I’ve been watching the football on TV recently and sadly the game is simply nothing without the supporters.”

The Vics will enter Conference A of the new WoSFL when the new season begins. They’ll be joined by local rivals Saltcoats Vics, as well as Whitletts, Lugar and Maybole.

McCann added: “I think the new format gives us a new challenge.

“We’d lost quite a few players from the year before, who went onto bigger clubs and we hadn’t quite replaced them so it was a very difficult year.

“With the new set up, it’ll benefit the likes of Irvine Vics and the entire structure will become more competitive. It’ll be tough but hopefully we’ll be the top half of the new league – that’s what we’re aiming for.

“We’ve lost a few player, but we’re actively talking to people just now to see what we can do.”