IRVINE VICTORIA assistant manager Mark McCann fears grassroots football could be left in the dark due to breaches by Scottish Premiership stars.

Last week the Scottish FA and SPFL Joint Response Group to tackle COVID-19 put in place measures which restrict all football underneath Scotland’s top flight from training until August 24.

It comes after Celtic defender Boli Bolingoli and eight players from Aberdeen breached strict COVID-19 protocol less than a week into the new season.

Vics weren’t planning on training until the end of August anyway, but McCann says the stupidity of the senior players could leave West of Scotland Football League clubs reeling if the First Minister decides to shut football down completely if there’s one more cock up.

He told the Times: “We’re not actually back training anyway.

“We always had August 24 in our mind as that was the mooted day for contact training to resume.

“We’re looking forward to getting back but I’m just conscious that COVID-19 cases are back on the up again and we’re seeing small outbreaks across Scotland.

“Also, the First Minister has told football to get its act together after what’s happened with the Aberdeen eight and Celtic’s Bolingoli.

“I’m not sure if that will filter down to our level but certainly if we’re to have a chance, the senior players need to sort themselves out first and foremost.

“Premiership clubs have been given the green light with certain criteria that’s been put in place.

“If the senior players can’t conduct themselves then how does that filter down to grassroots level.

“I think if they want to keep a tight control on this they need to be more careful.

“The senior players have all their testing paid for by their clubs, we won’t have that obviously.

“It’ll be good to get back hopefully later this month but we’re just praying no more issues crop up.

McCann also spoke about the club’s recruitment plans.

He said:“We’ve tried speaking to senior players to see if they’ll drop down to our new level but most of them want to hold out to see if they can still play senior.”