IRVINE Meadow boss Colin Spence has called on the bosses of the West of Scotland Football League to show some proper leadership.

Co-manager Spence has grown increasingly frustrated with league chiefs over the major delay to the new season, which was due to get underway on October 10.

This has been put back until at least October 24, with a start date potentially even further away due to the rise of Covid-19 cases.

But while Spence understands the difficulties surrounding lower leagues football, the Medda boss says a lot of time is being wasted and enough is enough.

He told the Times: “It took the wind out my sails, that’s for sure. We need clarity of course, but somebody just needs to make a decision now.

“Clubs are shelling out money for training facilities, obviously we’re playing games so we need to pay the referees and other things in between.

“That’s before we even consider that all of us at Medda are doing this voluntarily right now because we just want to play proper football again.

“It shows the type of guys we’ve got at our club – the boys aren’t even getting expenses right now because they know the club can’t afford to be spending more money at the minute.

“They’re doing this off their own backs three times a week – they’re coming to training and getting to games by whatever means necessary and it’s all for the love of playing football and being part of the team.

“How long we can continue that? I’m not sure. But the players are all raring to go playing league football so it was a big blow when they delayed the start of the season.

“I’m a bit disappointed in the league – they sent fixture lists out for all of the divisions probably without any real intention of giving it the go ahead – which was a bit of false hope for everybody.

“Someone needs to show a bit of leadership and make a final decision and take the bull by the horns and tell us what’s happening, because to be honest right now they’re pretty much wasting everyone’s time. People just need to know where they stand with things.”