Irvine Vics’ manager Brian McLuckie says clubs need clarity on the start of the next West of Scotland Football League (WoSFL) after the current season was declared null and void.

The WoSFL put an end to the 2020/21 season a fortnight ago after the Scottish Government’s route map out of lockdown showed outdoor adult contact sport would not be allowed to return until May 17.

McLuckie said the club had been carrying out training online before this announcement in the hopes of the season being restarted, after it was suspended from early January this year.

It was during one of these online sessions that McLuckie had a heart attack back in February however he is recovering well at home now.

Speaking to the Times, McLuckie said: “I am out walking a lot doing between 50-70 kilometres a week and getting a bit better each day.

“So, from a selfish point of view I was glad when they just decided to call it null and void as it gives me more time to recover.

“But the disappointing thing is we had a really good group of young players at the club and some of them may be lost to us.

“However, the government and the football associations are right – we need to look after people’s health and wellbeing first and foremost.”

Despite this season already being concluded, with Vics sitting 11th in WoSFL Conference B when things were wrapped up, there has yet to be any comment from the WoSFL on next season.

McLuckie says the club will not be making any plans for the upcoming season until they get some certainty from the WoSFL.

“We are not going to start until we know what the structure is going to be and what the plans are for starting.

“Once we get a start date then I think we will start talking to players , because then we can start making plans for things.

“At this moment in time we don’t know if we are starting in June, July, August or September. We have had a lot of time and the people on committees and making decisions, I would like to think they could be a bit more forward thinking and come out with some plans.”