Irvine Meadow co-manager James Latta says he is thrilled fans are still allowed at Meadow Park amid increasing COVID-19 restrictions.

The Scottish Government announced a clamp down on restrictions amid the spike of the new Omicron variant at the end of last month, with all areas of life including football affected.

The main ruling was crowd capacity, with only 500 fans now allowed to attend football matches across every division.

Speaking to the Times, Latta said: “As long we can still get some fans in.

“If we can get at least 500 fans in, a team like Irvine Meadow with where we are just now, we are happy with that and it will keep us going.

“But if they turn around and say no fans are getting in then it is a different scenario.

“I would imagine the league would need to stop then.”

Medda are back in league duty this weekend as they take on Rutherglen Glencairn in the West of Scotland Football League Premier Division.

Latta is keen to address his side’s recent poor run of form at Meadow Park on Saturday.

He said: “On paper we should have done a lot better last month.

“We played well in the games but we just did not get the rewards for it and never got the second goal.

“So, obviously we need to kick start our season this weekend against Rutherglen, who we beat away earlier in the season.

“The only thing we can do is dig deep and get back to winning ways.”