THE ladies’ section at Irvine Golf Club held their annual dinner and prizegiving recently to celebrate a season of success on the course.

The 2023 season’s prize winners were as follows.

Winter stableford: 1 M. Parry, 2 W. Kay, 3 C. Fitzpatrick, 4 S. Stewart.

Winter ringer: L. Bulloch.

Summer ringer: F. Robb.

Birdie tree: P. Patrick.

Silver medal winners: March & August F. Robb, April S.A. Steen, May M.A. McCrorie, May extra L. Milligan, June (and Jubilee Putter) L. Grieve), June extra J. Huggan, September Y. Craig, October L. Bryant.

Bronze: March & May W. Dorrian, April H. Somerville, May extra C. Shek, June M. Parry, June extra W. Kay, August L. Greig, September J. Sloan, October T. McTaggart.

Nine-hole stableford: April M. Elliot, May M. Paterson, June M. Kerr, August & September M. Kerr, overall C. Nairn.

Four Forfeits: winner L. Bulloch, runner-up C. Thomson.

Spring Meeting: Silver M.A. McCrorie, bronze C. Fitzpatrick.

Janet McKellar Quaich: winner L. Milligan, runner-up S. Young.

Millennium Quaich: winner P. Patrick, runner-up M. Hogg.

Medal finals: winner (and Eglinton Medal) J. Sloan, runner-up F. Robb, non-qualifier L. Bryant.

McClure Salver: winner F. Robb, runner-up M. Robertson.

Coronation Foursomes: winners M. Robertson and L. Smith, runners-up L. Bryant and K. Kennedy.

Captain’s Prizes: winner W. Dorrian, runner-up K. Simpson, nine-hole prize C. Nairn.

June Thomson Trophy: winner F. Robb, runner-up L. Smith.

Past Captains’ Day: winner J. West, runner-up M. Parry.

May B. Kerr Trophy: winner F. Robb, runner-up L. Whitelaw.

Anne Partridge Prize: winner M. Robertson, runner-up M.A. McCrorie.

Centenary Cup: winner P. Patrick, runner-up A. Sinclair, hole-in-one M. Robertson.

Vice-Captain’s Prizes: winner M. Parry, runner-up F. Robb, nine-hole prize M. Dunlop.

Greensomes: winners M. Parry and C. Thomson, runners-up K. Blakely and A. Sinclair.

Charity Cup: winner L. Smith, runner-up C. Halliday.

Marymass Cup: winner L. Bryant, runner-up M. Wyper.

Past Captains’ Rosebowl: winner S. Stewart, runner-up J. West.

Chris Thomas Trophy: winner M. Parry, runner-up C. Shek.

Texas Scramble: winners S. Black, L. Bryant and J. Huggan, runners-up L. Bulloch, W. Kay and H. Ryrie.

Autumn Meeting: silver W. Dorrian, bronze S. Stewart.

Texas Shamble: winners Y. Craig and A. Hughes, runners-up C. Thomson and H. Malcolm.

Knockout competition winners were as follows.

Two ball foursomes: winners S. Shackleton and M. Gedge, runners-up L. Greig and L. Conn.

Iona Trophy: winner H. Malcolm, runner-up A. Sinclair.

Bromfield Trophy: winner C. Shek, runner-up A. Hughes.

Club championship: winner P. Patrick, runner-up L. Milligan.